Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence at the service of your projects

Having the artificial intelligence by your side

Discover Lisa ! Our Chatbot who will be pleased to communicate with you whenever you need it. She is your assistant and will help you to work smarter and more efficiently on your project.

Facilitating management

With Unifield and Lisa, thanks to the BIM models, you can manage the different process of your projects with more efficienty.

Follow all the process

Connecting your project through data is the best way to create a strong project and a reliable future. This is why Lisa, your assistant, is aware of your project and can answer any of your questions.


Workflows : give rules to Lisa

No-code technology

Build up your workflows easily without coding using our visual logic tool. Deliver custom behaviour to your users in minutes and not months.


Lisa will alert the right person at the right time whenever it is needed. The jobsite manager will receive a notification is the crane use rate drops under 70% or the worker onsite will be alerted when he is located too close to a restricted area.

Follow your project

With your questions, Lisa will provide you answers along with visuals, predictions or warning about your project.

Voice Chat Bot

Speak to Lisa

Easily get the information you need asking Lisa through your smartphone or your computer.

Natural Language

Speak the way you would to any other “real” person ! No need to use specific words, Lisa understands you.


Machine Learning

Lisa learns from the past and improve the future

Lisa can use data from the past combined with machine learning algorithm in order to bring the most value of data possible.


The use of machine learning for operational performance is protected by several patents by CAD.42 (editor of Unifield).

Enterprise level benefits

From the site to the entreprise scale, all stakeholders can benefit from Unifield and its machine learning capabilities.

Objects recongition

Lisa can see things

Easily get the information you need connecting one to thousands cameras to Lisa.

Create your own objects sets.

Create and train your own models so that Lisa can do it autonomously without your help in few hours.