Facility Management

Operate with the data

Facility Management and Data

Make your project more efficient: use the 5D BIM data to manage your facility with Unifield and empower your operation phase.

The importance of data

The foundation of a secure project is their key datas. Thanks to them you will be able to manage your facilities, buildings …

Follow all the process

All processes can be visualized on Unifield within the BIM … From management to maintenance and with the help of connected objects, Unifield automates the management of your infrastructure.


Realtime Digital Twin

Connected objects for automatic production feedback

With Unifield, you can use more than 2000 sensors or connected objects to create a real-time digital twin.

Compare actual to planned

The data from the sensors on site are processed in real time make sense in Unifield by comparing the planning or sumulations to the actual. Any discrepancies found are alerted to the right people as early as possible.

Follow all the process

Make your project more efficient ! All the process, are visualizable on Unifield: planning, building, operating … With Unifield on mobile app, the skaleholders will have access to all the Unifield features, and thus, to the real time digital twin.

5D Scheduling

Optimize the resources

The created schedule you create is the support that will help you reduce risk, minimize waste and optimize resources.

Facilitating collaboration

Planners can rely entirely on Unifield to develop graphical schedules. Information sharing is then clear between project stakeholders.

How can schedules help you ?

The visualization of your schedule is a real support to show you in advance potential conflicts. In addition, with BIM, you can predict construction risks earlier in a simulation and thus reduce costs.

Artificial Intelligence

Discover Lisa

She is your personal assistant who will help you work more easily and efficiently. Ask her to handle non-value added tasks while you focus on the essentials.

Voice ChatBot

Lisa understands natural language so that everyone can benefit from her services effortlessly.

Workflow: give rules to Lisa

Whether it’s to send an SMS to the site manager if the crane saturation is too low or to send you a weekly report with the indicators that interest you, you can configure Lisa with our “No Code” visual block programming technology.