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5D BIM Simulation


Project Management
Quality & Safety
Site Management
Realtime monitoring


Facility Management

Building Lifecycle

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Data to connect People and Process

Unifield combines the latest technologies, to offer a first class integrated 5D BIM construction management solution for contractors, developers, and owners to speed up their digital transformation journey.
With deep industry know-how and innovation with 5D BIM, BI, AI, IoT and cloud technologies. Unifield connects all people, process and data in one place. The end result is streamlined workflow, better collaboration and higher operational performance.


Scheduling and BIM 5D simulations

Realtime Digital Twin

Sensors and devices connected to the BIM


Artificial Intelligence to enhance Unifield features

Facility Management

AI, IoT, BIM during the full building lifecycle

Open data platform

Unifield API design is compatible with most of the industry standards in order to streamline the Unifield integration process and to widen the field of possibilities to almost infinite.

Solution for each project stakeholder



Improve margins, safety and quality while reducing wastes. Learn and capitalize from project to project to build up the most efficient process for your organization.



Progress monitoring automation and project management from Investment to delivery.


Facility Owners

Data to manage operations and facility management within a full building lifecycle management system.


Pierre George
Directeur Innovation et des Systèmes d’Information, Demathieu Bard

The implementation of this solution on the construction site with our partner CAD.42 puts the safety approach into the real-time model. This dynamic digital twin prefigures the construction site of tomorrow.

Julien Gardette
Direction Innovation, Léon Grosse

Thanks to CAD.42’s ecosystem, it becomes possible to ensure real-time monitoring of the construction site and to give life to its digital model/avatar.
The data collected in the field is also used to improve productivity.
The solutions deployed in connection with the LEAN approach make it possible to streamline and optimize business processes.

Menno Nijdam
Group HSE & Innovation Manager, TchnipFMC

The real-time digital twin created by CAD.42 technology not only handles security issues but also aggregates information automatically to improve operations.


Excellence in engineering and